As a Massage Therapist...

The focus of my massage work is the release of emotional blockages within the body, with the use of gentle to deep massage pressures and techniques, stretching and healing essential oil blends. My own physical and emotional pain has lead me to an understanding of the connection between mind, body, spirit and emotion. Our bodies hold every event that has occurred in our lives, and these events can potentially present themselves in the form of widespread or localized pain. Emotional blockages can lead to tension in specific areas, dis-ease, digestive conditions, discomfort, unexplained anxiety or depression. Over the past 13 years as an Internationally qualified Massage Therapist and Esthetician at various luxury resorts across Barbados I have trained in many therapeutic modalities such as, Deep Tissue, Sports Performance, Thai & Shiatsu as well as Reflexology and so much more. I use a combination of techniques, along with my intuition and client feedback to perform a truly personalized massage. Building trust relationships with my clients are of upmost importance as this is the only way we can both experience an effective treatment and provide for optimal therapeutic release.


As a Holistic Health Coach...


I have suffered a myriad of health related symptoms with my digestive system such as bloating, gas, acid reflux, and indigestion and imbalanced hormones with a diagnosis of PCOS. No doctor could help me with my digestive health but give me pills, and as for PCOS, I was told there was nothing to be done about that and to come back to the office when I was ready to conceive. This was more than 5 years ago, and at that moment a light bulb went off in my head "the body heals itself". I was a massage therapist for so long and I knew just enough about health and wellness to get myself back on track with some valuable research. I started with a few lifestyle changes such as, exercise, journaling, gratitude, meditation, I cut back on highly processed foods, ate wholesome foods, used tonics, herbs and tinctures to assist my body through the detoxing, restorative and balancing processes. 

I lost weight, not by counting calories but by eating foods that were nourishing for my body. The body will heal itself with essential vitamins and minerals, not by food deprivation. Many factors of our lives contribute to our discomforts, dis-eases. it's not just about the food we eat. All of our body systems, including our thoughts, our feelings and our way of life, including genetics are all connected and working in synergy with each other. This is why it is important to look at health and wellness holistically. 

To end my story, I have a healthy daughter, no PCOS all without going back to the doctor.  

Because of my personal healing journey, I bring each of my clients' comprehensive nutritional information and resources based on science and medically proven research. But most importantly, I bring wisdom gained from years of pain and frustration to guide and support you, as you work to reach your health goals and reclaim your life!

I am an Internationally certified Holistic Massage Therapist and Esthetician, with a wealth of knowledge in Holistic Lifestyle Wellness and Nutrition. I graduated from AFPA as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist.


"Shanelle has been my colleague and deep tissue massage therapist for more than 10 years. I have always suffered neck and back pain, later on developed sciatica discomfort and I always found her massage techniques to be very effective in relieving me of my pain and tension. I am also an high stress individual, being around Shanelle and talking to her about my personal concerns have always been rewarding for me. She has a very bubbly and contagious personality, better yet she has a caring, calming and loving energy about her. I cannot say how much she has helped me."

Kathy Jones

"I encountered Ms. Shanelle Butler in 2010 when I was seeking someone to give me a body massage. I've had many massages in the past but she was the first massage therapist who asked me what type, be it light, medium or deep body massage. I was very much taken back by that as I have never been asked such a question before. 

I've had massages every month thereafter by massage therapist Shanelle Butler. She's personable, she's kind, she talks you through your entire therapy and she's extremely professional. Since that time I have sent all of my patients requiring massage therapy to Ms. Butler. Apart from the three massage types mentioned earlier she's also trained in a wide range of massage therapies not to mention manicures and pedicures which I get regularly. 

With a heart full of glee, I highly recommend Ms. Shanelle Butler as your Massage Therapist."

Dr. Alfred Sparman